A Truly Global
Venture Firm.
Five Local Funds.
One Global Team.

We share an extensive
global network with founders.

Mathias Schilling

Innovation is global
— and so are we.

Andreas Haug


One culture. One philosophy. One investment strategy.

On the ground. Around the world.

With a team in each of our five regions, we have access to teams, markets, and investors in all the important places. And because we work together closely, we can offer significant synergies and benefits for entrepreneurs. These include global insights, recognition of emerging trends, and a strategic advantage for startups with global goals. In essence, we can bring you global virtually overnight.

Founded in ‘98. Transatlantic by ’01. Global today.

We launched in California in 1998. Then we opened in Germany (2001), Russia (2009), Asia (2009), and Brazil (2012). Entrepreneurship is global—and so are we.

Local - One mission. One focus. One team.

All our funds invest where consumer Internet, media, and mobile intersect.

U.S.: BV e.ventures

Founded in 1998 (as BV Capital). Leveraging cross-sector and cross-continent synergies + the team’s operational expertise to help entrepreneurs build transformative early-stage companies. Selected Exits: Groupon, Angie’s List, and Shopping.com.

Europe: e.ventures Europe

In Europe since 2001. Dedicated Fund since 2007. Offices in Hamburg & Berlin. Investing across continental Europe and the UK, with connections to some of Europe’s largest ecommerce and retail chains. Selected Exits: Citydeal and KaufDa.

Russia: e.ventures Russia

Formed in 2009. Mission: Be the premier early-stage venture fund in Russia. Bringing Silicon Valley access and practices to Russia while leveraging an extensive global network. Selected Exits: Sapato (Ozon) and Darberry (Groupon).

Asia: Infinity e.ventures

Formed in 2009. Already one of the most recognized/connected early-stage funds in Asia. Bridging Japan, the world’s 2nd largest Internet economy, and China, the world’s growth engine. Host to Asia’s largest technology summit, exclusive access to entrepreneurs, market leaders, and funding. Selected Exits: Rekoo Japan and Qpod.

Brazil: Redpoint e.ventures

A Redpoint and e.ventures joint venture. The first Silicon Valley fund with a team on the ground in Brazil. Office in São Paulo. Focus on consumer Internet, mobile, media, and cloud. Leveraging Silicon Valley and global networks to help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brazil. Selected Investments: ViajaNet and Grupo Xango.

We turn our 15 years of
experience into a resource
for your company.

Thomas Gieselmann

We are passionate about
the industry we invest in.

Christian Leybold


15+ years of experience in the consumer Internet, media, and mobile space.

Small team. Clear focus.

We focus on early-stage investments at the intersection of the Internet, media, and mobile. Our goal: to be the first institutional investor.

Meeting the startups where they are.

We invest and support according to a startup’s needs—not our egos. We are flexible with investment size (ranging from 100K to 10M), we don’t require a board seat, there’s no fixed-equity ownership, and we’re open to partnering with other investors.

Deep sector expertise.

We have deep knowledge in our field. With a proven track record, we also have extensive networks for market access, team building, funding and exits.

We're hands-on partners
and low-ego investors.

Jan Henric Buettner

Having built a Russian
market leader,
I know the challenges
of emerging markets
first hand.

Damian Doberstein


We like entrepreneurs. So we act like them.


We’re a small team with shared values. We go with our collective gut and have the agility to make fast decisions.


We do well by our entrepreneurs. All General Partners have the same incentives on all international deals—so we stay connected and focused on helping the entrepreneurs. With plenty of operational experience, our teams have the in-the-trenches knowledge to support transformative startups.

A little edgy. A little nutty.

We’re open to rewriting the playbook, and we’re not afraid to go out on the edge.