Hirofumi was formerly co-founder and COO of CA Mobile, the leading mobile media, content, commerce and advertisement company in Japan. Hirofumi first began building mobile sites in 1999 when he was still a graduate student. He joined CA Mobile in 2000 as the starting employee and oversaw its revenue growth from almost 0 to 135 million USD in seven years. As the COO of the company, Hirofumi managed the company operation with over 300 employees. Having launched over 100 mobile services (including “NewsCafe” the largest news aggregator in Japan) and acquired over 10 million mobile subscribers, Hirofumi possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning mobile service development and monetization.

Hirofumi is recognized as the pioneer of the “off-deck” mobile business model in Japan. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and Master’s in Science in Molecular Biology from the University of Tokyo.